MEi:CogSci: didactical measures used

Middle European interdisciplinary master programme in Cognitive Science

The following didactical measures will be taken:


The modules of the integrative kernel will make use of a common e-learning platform for discussion allowing inter-university communicationand interaction, as well as the cooperative development of common contents (cooperative construction of knowledge). Courses will incorporate eLearning within a blended learning paradigm.

Student conference

There will be a yearly student conference, introducing students to the “rituals” of the scientific community in order to provide an opportunity for gaining experience in communication and critical discussion of their scientific work. It will also serve as a “marketplace” for projects and master’s theses within the joint degree network.


All modules of the integrative kernel dedicate ECTS-credits to teamwork, where students will discuss important concepts of cognitive science, ethical questions, social implications, as well as their research projects under tutorial supervision. Additionally, the basic disciplinary modules will be supported by lecturers or tutors.


A mentoring programme will support students in their individual reflections and choices, helping them to focus and find their way through the curriculum towards their specialisation. There will be two supervisors from different partners of the joint degree network for the thesis.

Project-orientation and Teamwork

At different stages of the programme students will engage in projects and teamwork.


The integrative kernel will serve as the locus for integration and reflection, providing an epistemological and conceptual framework.The MEi:CogSci curriculum is interdisciplinary and intercultural, therefore special care will be given to the creation of an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect, hopefully contributing to the personal development of students and teachers involved.